Reporter Bob Bernard of Fox 5 Washington DC probably expected to see some snow on the ground when he went to work to report on the weather a few days ago. He likely expected to see some of the area’s residents as well, going about their daily activities while trying to stay warm. What Bob (and everyone else) didn’t expect, though, was that a tiny puppy would get loose and give the news segment a surprising, but adorable twist.

Bob was in the middle of his segment when all of a sudden, a small, wriggly little puppy came running at him out of nowhere. Not wanting the cutie pie to get hit by traffic (and, let’s be honest, also wanting to cuddle with a random puppy), Bob picked up the unexpected guest host and looked around for her owner, who was nowhere to be found.

Bob and the puppy shared a little more time together before the dog’s owner came running out of the house. Apparently, the mischievous little thing had gotten past a gate that had been set up, and the alarmed woman didn’t realize it until her pet was already outside making new friends.

The puppy made this news segment a bit warmer and brighter for everyone, despite the snowy, cold weather. You can watch it for yourself below:


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