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Tiny Hairless Baby Opossum Inspires People To Knit Tiny Baby Opossum Sweaters


At the end of October, a man in Texas found a tiny baby animal in a used car lot. He quickly decided to take the little critter to the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (SPWRC), where the cold little thing would be taken care of and sheltered from the elements outside. What he didn’t know was that he’d stumbled on an unusual find.

The man knew the animal was an opossum, but the SPWRC staff were surprised to see that the tiny cutie pie had very minimal hair and was mostly “naked.” Without fur to act as a barrier to the cold, the little baby would die in the wild, so they decided to take her in.

As it turned out, the baby opossum has alopecia, a condition that is also seen in humans and causes hair loss. Chances are her mother abandoned her after sensing that something was “wrong” with her — a common behavior in many wild animals, including opossums. After nursing her back to health, though, the SPWRC put out a call for the community to donate tiny sweaters and other soft, warm items of comfort, and it was clear that this little baby would never feel abandoned again.

With all that love and care, it wasn’t long before the cutie pie had doubled in weight, largely thanks to a diet that includes her favorite foods: crickets and applesauce.

The little opossum is still shy and scared of people, but thanks to the generosity of strangers, she’s at least staying warm.

People are going out of their way to knit little sweaters for this lucky baby.

Doesn’t she look positively precious?

The baby opossum may have had a rough start in life, and she still has a long way to go. But thanks to the kindness and hard work of some compassionate humans, she now has a chance to live her best life with a full belly and a lot of stylish, warm sweaters.

All images and video via South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center via Facebook



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