You know what they say about some dogs (and people): “All bark, no bite.” Thankfully, one tiny dog didn’t need to get to the “bite” part to scare away a bobcat.

The dog, Cherie, was at home in Texas with owner Kay Hawkins when Kay decided to go check the mail. But before she stepped out the door, she noticed that she and Cherie weren’t alone — a bobcat was cleaning itself right outside the house!

The big cat was minding its own business and relaxing, but tiny Cherie was still scared and confused. You could tell she wanted to “say” something to the visitor, but was just too scared! Soon, though, this little dog got up the courage to tell the bobcat who was boss and began barking as ferociously as she could.

Bobcats are known for being shy and timid when it comes to loud noises, so even though Cherie is small, her barking was enough to convince the cat to pack up and go elsewhere for its morning bath. Now, Kay has a super cool video to show the world, and Cherie can wear her “guard dog” badge with pride!

You can check out the video below:


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