If you’ve ever taken your dog in the car with you, you probably know that they love sticking their heads out of the car window. There’s nothing like the breeze on your face and a whole bunch of new scents if you’re a curious dog, after all!

Still, one video is reminding dog owners to keep the window rolled up a bit more to keep their pups from taking an unexpected tumble out of their vehicles.

A toy poodle puppy named Ginger gave her owner quite a fright when she leaned a bit too far out the window and appeared to be caught by the wind, sending her tumbling out the window while the car was still moving. It was every pet owner’s worst nightmare, and Ginger’s owner feared the worst when they stopped the car and rushed to check on their tiny dog. The fall from a moving car is enough to really hurt people or even big dogs, and Ginger could’ve ended up seriously injured or worse. Somehow, though, the little dog made it out of her ordeal just fine, with her owner saying she was completely unharmed.

You can watch the video below, and again, keep in mind that Ginger is alive and well!

Hopefully this cute puppy has learned her lesson about the dangers of open windows, though we imagine her owner will also be playing it safe and rolling the car window up a bit more the next time the two embark on a joy ride together!


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