Even though dogs are known to be strong swimmers, open pools are still a dangerous hazard for dogs, especially small ones. Pools often feature steps that aren’t the right height for dogs to reach, and some only have ladders as an entry and exit.

One little dog named Chuck learned this the hard way one day while his owners were out. Chuck was in the backyard and, in a moment of distraction, took a misstep that sent him tumbling head-first into the family’s in-ground pool. The dog’s legs were too small to let him gain ground on the top step to get out, and he ended up swimming for his life, desperate for a way out.

Luckily, the family’s other dog, a larger girl named Jessie, soon noticed that something was wrong. She ran to the edge of the pool, seemingly unsure of why Chuck was in there in the first place and what she should do. Soon, she seemed to realize that Chuck was in danger, and she tried a few times to pull him out, sometimes managing to lift him just enough to help him get his little legs up on the side of the pool. Still, Chuck always fell back in and resumed his exhausting swimming endeavor.

Over half an hour after Chuck fell into the pool, though, Jessie finally succeeded in getting the perfect grip and heaving the little dog all the way out of the pool. Somehow, Chuck still had some energy after his terrifying ordeal and trotted back toward the house. Jessie seemed eager to play, but her brother was a bit too traumatized for that!

The dogs’ owner Byron Thanarayen told The Dodo that the family decided to check the security camera footage when they returned home to find Chuck all wet. That this was the first time either dog had fallen into the pool, and Byron says they’re taking measures to prevent such an accident from happening again.

You can watch the daring rescue below:


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