Two years ago, a tiny brown dog named Payday went missing from his family. The little pup with a distinctive underbite had been a gift for his human family’s daughter, who was ten when she and Payday first met. Understandably, the family had been devastated at the loss of their beloved pup, and after all that time, they may have even lost hope that they’d ever see his cute little face again.

But then, one night, a man named Dwight fell asleep while watching the news. When he woke up in the morning, FOX6 News Milwaukee was sharing an Adopt-a-Pet segment in partnership with the Wisconsin Humane Society… and he recognized the little brown dog on the TV screen.

Yep, it was Payday— the beloved lost dog that Dwight and his family had been missing for two whole years.

Dwight’s mother went to pick up Payday and had an incredible reunion that will bring a tear to the eye of even the most hardened veterans of the internet!

You can watch the emotional video from the Wisconsin Humane Society below:


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