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Three Kangaroos Casually Wander Into An Australian Pub


No, it’s not the setup to a joke — that headline actually happened at the beginning of the month in Australia.

On a casual Sunday at the John Forrest Tavern in Western Australia, Claire Leach filmed a trio of friendly kangaroos — two adults and one joey in his mom’s pouch — wandering into the pub. One of them heads toward the back, clearly eager for a drink, while mother and baby wait near the front door.

Perhaps the most Australian thing about this is that the patrons seem only mildly surprised by the unique guests. And one of the employees, who seems to have clearly seen this before, leads the curious mom outside as though she were simply a confused human looking for directions.

The incident sure didn’t do anything to convince non-Aussies that kangaroos don’t wander around everywhere you go in the country!

Take a look at the adorable and funny moment below:



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