As some of the hardest working and intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom, dogs often make excellent service animals for people with disabilities. They can provide guidance, retrieve objects, and even seek medical attention for their human partners. In fact, one dog in Israel has even learned how to feed her best friend, Bracha Fischel.

Bracha is a painter who developed quadriplegia as she got older, giving her limited use of her hands. She has adapted her life so that she can continue painting, and after being paired with her service dog Donna, she has even more freedom and accessibility.

Donna helps Bracha with a variety of tasks around the house, and this gentle dog even helps Bracha with her art by retrieving brushes and putting them into her friend’s mouth.

Donna clearly loves to work, and you can tell how much she enjoys helping Bracha however she can.

One of the sweetest interactions between the pair, however, is how Donna feeds Bracha. The dog sits on a chair and picks up a special spoon, raising it to Bracha’s mouth so she can eat. The interaction is incredibly sweet and shows the special bond between these two.

We’re so happy that Bracha and Donna have each other in their lives!


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