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This Woman Looked Outside To Find A Groundhog Eating Pizza & Staring Into Her Kitchen


Animals may be getting to enjoy their outdoor habitat a bit more now that all the humans are staying inside, but one groundhog decided to take things up a notch by acting like a guest at a zoo when he paid a visit to a woman’s home.

Kristin Chalela Bagnell of Philadelphia shared a hilarious video with ABC 6 that showed a groundhog staring right into her kitchen and munching on a piece of pizza. Remember the good ol’ days when you, too, could eat pizza outside of your home? This cute rodent has it made and he doesn’t even know it!

ABC 6 shared the video, and people all over the world have fallen in love with this cheeky critter. Kristin told the news outlet that it took the groundhog about an hour to finish his slice, and he wasn’t even fazed by her two dogs staring right at him! Now that’s confidence.

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