There are the cute dollhouses we grew up with as kids, and then there are serious dollhouses.

Miniature homes (and their miniature accessories) make up full-time hobbies for many people who enjoy building and collecting tiny versions of real common objects. Jimmy Landers, however, is among the best at his craft.

Landers is a master builder and is an expert in crafting teeny tiny objects. One of his most recent creations has captured the attention of people all over the world, but if you want to buy it, you’d better start saving now.

The miniature house Landers has built is being sold and represented by D. Thomas Miniatures, and if you didn’t know you were looking at a dollhouse, you’d probably think it was a real home up for sale. Indeed, it’s much less of a dollhouse and more of a pristine work of art. The house features nine rooms and all the trimmings you’d expect out of a luxurious mansion, including a brass chandelier and a marble floor with over 2,000 tiles.

D. Thomas Miniatures is currently taking offers on the stunning cabinet house, but this isn’t your average work of art — there’s no firm price on it, but it could sell for up to $100,000.

Whether you’d seriously consider adding this beautiful masterpiece to your home or just want to admire it from afar, check out some of the photos from the D. Thomas Miniatures website, which you can visit for more information about the house and make an inquiry to purchase it.

grand foyer sahlberg.jpg
photo jan 26, 4 19 38 pm.JPG
photo jan 26, 4 21 10 pm.JPG
photo jan 26, 4 19 59 pm.JPG
IMG_9470 5.JPG
Photo Jan 26, 4 17 37 PM.jpg

You can follow D. Thomas Miniatures on Instagram and Facebook for more stunning miniature work!


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