Some birds — and in particular, corvids like crows, ravens, and magpies — are exceptionally intelligent animals, and many can even mimic sounds they hear to the point that they can even deceive us “wise” humans!

One such bird in Turkey figured out a clever way to ask for food: by mimicking a cat.

Neslihan Orancı had made a habit of leaving food on her patio for the local cats. As you might expect, the daily routine is accompanied by a symphony of meows as the hungry felines descend upon their free lunch, but they aren’t the only ones craving a snack.

As it turns out, a nearby bird has been watching the spectacle every day and has made a clever connection: meows = food. But what’s a poor bird to do when he doesn’t have four legs or a fluffy tail? Well, this one thinks the solution is simply to learn how to sound like a cat.

Yep, this neighborhood bird has taught himself how to meow in hopes that Neslihan would be tricked into leaving some food out for him! Based on sound alone, the tactic is quite convincing. Now all the bird has to do is find a way to look like a cat, and the ruse will be complete!

Take a look at the incredibly smart bird below:


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