Many of us had goldfish as kids, and let’s be honest — they probably didn’t last very long. It’s a shame, too, because goldfish can actually live for years if they’re properly taken care of. And yes, that means moving them out of the tiny glass bowls and into a suitable tank and proper environment.

Want proof? Just check out what happened to Monstro. This ten-year-old black goldfish had been surrendered to a pet store, clearly sick and without much time left to live. He had scrapes on his belly from lying on the floor of his tank since he couldn’t swim anymore.

Still, TikTok user heretherebesculptures took the fish home and gave him the best possible care, and slowly but surely, this special fish began to get better.

The TikTok video of Monstro’s recovery has been watched over 5 million times, with people all over the world getting a little teary over the inspirational comeback of a pet fish that most people would’ve passed by. Now, he’s thriving… and looks a bit different, too.

Check out the beautiful video below:


The one where you accidentally become a goldfish keeper. Meet Monstro 🖤 ##rescue ##inspirational ##goldfish ##rescuepet ##fish ##recovery

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