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This Scottish Lawmaker’s Cat “Video Bombed” A Zoom Meeting With His Fluffy Tail


There are two universal truths that cat owners have learned during the COVID-19 shutdowns: if you’re working from home, your cat will want to be as close to you as possible, and if you’re on an important video call, your cat will want to meet the people you’re talking to.

Scottish MP John Nicolson was in a meeting speaking about the benefits of adding subtitles to children’s television shows, looking very professional indeed. From his background to his outfit, he was clearly all business, but his cat had other plans.

Nicolson’s feline baby, Rojo, worked his way into the frame by sticking his tail straight up in the air just like a typical housecat. “Rojo, put your tail down, please,” asked the lawmaker while his colleagues laughed at the fluffy interruption. As cat owners know, though, kitty tails have a mind of their own, and short of getting Rojo off the table entirely, Nicolson wasn’t going to be able to get that tail down.

The video of the moment has since gone viral, especially among fellow cat owners who have definitely been in this same predicament on their work-from-home calls. Check out the funny incident below:



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