Our robot overlords may be closing in on us, but at least their victory dance will be cool?

Boston Dynamics has released a video showing one of their famous (or perhaps infamous) robots moving and grooving to “Do You Love Me” by the Contours and asking us humans a very important question: “Now do you love me/ Now that I can dance?”

Boston Dynamics has long been known for their robot creations that walk, jump, and get back up after they’re pushed over. The effect has always been slightly unsettling given how, um, robotically the robots move. This time, though, the robots move quite human-like, often with way better dance moves than most of the humans we know, and somehow, the effect is even more unsettling. It’s not CGI, it’s not people in robot suits — it’s just a group of robots pretending to be fun people before they destroy the world.

Jokes aside, this clip is as cool as it is creepy. Can you imagine the technological advancements that made this dance routine possible? The calculations? The choreography? We don’t know about you, but we’re impressed.

Take a look:


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