This Rescued Mama Dog Adopted Three Orphaned Kittens After Losing Her Puppies


A rescued dog is showing a lot of people the strength of a mother’s love.

According to ABC 15, the Phoenix-based Sunshine Dog Rescue got quite a surprise when they learned that one of their newer residents was pregnant. The Australian shepherd mix, Georgia, was found living in a gas station near the border between U.S. and Mexico. Unfortunately, though, all of her puppies were born premature, and none of them survived.

Poor Georgia was distraught without her babies and was “frantic” as she looked for them. Anita Osa, who founded the rescue organization, wanted to help Georgia, and she took to Facebook to see if anyone knew of any baby animals who needed a dog that was producing milk. Though she may have expected to end up with puppies, it was ultimately three itty bitty kittens who made Georgia their adoptive mom.

Image Source: Sunshine Dog Rescue

Though Anita wasn’t sure how Georgia would react to the kittens, the proud momma has accepted the three orphaned kittens with all her heart. Having lost their own mom, the kittens needed someone like Georgia just as much as she needed them. Any concerns Anita had about whether or not Georgia would accept her special new babies have been put to rest — she lets the kittens nurse, and she diligently cleans them as well.

Image Source: Sunshine Dog Rescue

While all four of these animals have experienced tragedy in their lives, we’re so happy that they’ve found each other. This unique family proves that a mother’s love knows no bounds!

You can watch Georgia and her babies below:


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