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This Reporter Thought She Was Holding A Dangerous “Drop Bear,” But It Was Actually A Hilarious Prank


Any Australian local will tell you: Watch out for the drop bears. These dangerous Aussie animals — which closely resemble and are related to the far less dangerous koala — are known to drop onto people’s heads from the trees, whereupon they proceed to rake their victims open with their dangerous claws and bite them with their venomous teeth.

Oh, and by the way, they don’t actually exist.

The “drop bear” myth is just a hilarious, long-standing prank that Australians pull on unwary visitors, who begin watching the treetops in case a suspiciously large koala-looking creature decides to make them their next meal. But one ITV reporter didn’t know that.

Debi Edward is in Australia reporting on the devastating bush fires that have destroyed large portions of the country, and she stopped at Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park and spoke with Sean Mulcahy for part of her work. What Edward didn’t know, though, was that 1. drop bears aren’t real and 2. Mulcahy and the rest of the wildlife park staff are great pranksters who understand the value of humor in hard times. The hilarious result is something you have to see for yourself, and make sure you SHARE this post with your friends so they can laugh, too!




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