Old-timey photos and videos are fun to look at. These bits of evidence from our past are black-and-white reminders of the way the world once was. Sometimes, though, the grainy quality and colorless images can make old videos look impersonal, like the people in them were from another world instead of the same one we walk.

Some artists are now helping to remove that mental barrier between the past and the present by remastering old videos. The process involves recoloring the images and speeding up and smoothing out the video footage. The result is that these old videos look like they could’ve been filmed right outside our own homes in the present!

Joaquim Campa is one such individual who does this kind of work, and he’s recently shared a video that’s the light-hearted and fun historical perspective that we need to see in tough times.

The video, appropriately titled “Snowball Fight” was filmed in Lyon, France, about 124 years ago in 1896. Though it looks a bit like a candid moment, the footage is actually a silent documentary that was directed and filmed by Louis Lumière.

Campa decided to work his magic on the short clip, and now, the footage of people in town having a fun, goofy snowball fight looks a lot more personal — like maybe we or our friends could’ve been a part of it! Check out his edit below:

Need some perspective to show you what a huge difference Campa made? The original version of the film can be seen below, in all its black-and-white and musical glory:

Impressive work, right?!

We wonder what other fun videos will be remastered to be seen in a whole new light!


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