Perhaps you’re used to gentle candlelight and relaxing music while doing yoga. But what would you gain by doing the opposite?

Why not try out something immersive and captivating? One that will not only get you out of your comfort zone but help you become a pro in Zen. With Rage yoga, you’ll stretch, swear as well as enjoy a couple of booze breaks.

Rage Yoga is such a fantastic way of working out. Being a casual style of yoga, you’ll be compelled to show your badass character in preparing for the day ahead. Cursing and enjoying a beer will keep you fitter and calmer.

What’s more interesting? Resilience is the thing. Connecting your body and mind is never better without rage yoga. Slow down your racing thoughts, get the energy to flow and feel good.

Yes, rage yoga is the real deal. Shed off that habit that’s slowing you down. Stay sane and healthy. Show us what you’ve got


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