Roman and Spanky are the best of friends, and for good reason — the dogs have spent most of their lives together, and with Roman now at eight years old and Spanky at six, these two have learned how to take care of each other over the years.

Need proof? Just check out what happened when Roman developed an ear problem called an aural hematoma. This poor pup was still weeks away from being able to get treated for his condition, but his owners set up a camera so they could keep an eye on him if they were out of the house. As it turned out, that camera captured a very sweet moment between the two brothers.

As Roman was lying on the hard floor, Spanky decided to pull their big fluffy bed right up next to him. Then, the two dogs curled up together and took a nap in comfort. This “small” gesture was the sweetest act of canine kindness, and it’s been shared thousands of times since Jackie Rogers (Roman and Spanky’s human “aunt”) shared it:

Best of all, Roman has now had his surgery and has been recovering for about a week now. Looks (or… sounds?) like he’ll be back to his old self soon!


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