This Photographer Did A Newborn Photo Session With A Tiny Piglet (12 Photos)


Many new parents look forward to the day their tiny bundle of joy gets their first photo shoot. Newborn photo sessions are a treasured memory for parents (and photographers!) to capture the memories of their babies while they’re still as small as can be.

Who says that baby humans should be the ones “hogging” all the attention, though?

Cashlie White, a photographer from Oklahoma who operates under Cashlie Joy Photography, understands the love for newborn photoshoots from the perspective of a photographer and a parent. She’s a mother of two, after all! But one day, she spotted a friend’s photo of a tiny newborn piglet named Dynamite, and she knew she had to capture this baby on camera as well!

Cashlie told Bored Panda that she’s an animal lover and has been around agriculture her whole life, so it was a no-brainer to reach out to her friend, Connie Hamilton, to see if she’d be interested in having Dynamite’s own baby photos taken.

Dynamite is a pretty special pig herself. She’s the runt of a little of show pigs from Hamilton Farms, and just because she isn’t human didn’t mean that she didn’t love all the little tricks that Cashlie uses to make her other newborn subjects happy and calm for the camera.

In a Facebook post, Cashlie explained, “She got a bath before the shoot and I used all of my newborn shooshing and swaddling tricks, just like a regular newborn session and she went to sleep In my arms! We kept her warm and the room quiet and she was OUT and in Hog Heaven! After the shoot she woke up and was on the run back to momma! If you’re interested in Dynamite or any of her brothers or sisters they’re available! This shows the hard work and dedication from our local farmers and ranchers as well as 4H and FFA members! What a great spotlight for the Agricultural Community!”

Check out some of these sweet photos of Dynamite and let them brighten your day!













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