Many little boys (and girls!) have had to suffer through one of the worst, most popular childhood haircuts: the bowl cut. The straight-across style that will make you look like a mushroom has been the choice of moms for their kids for decades now, and believe it or not, humans aren’t the only species who can be seen strutting around with this, erm, unique look.

You see, Barry the bird also prefers this dashing ‘do, and he’s showing off his style all over Instagram. Check out Barry’s style and learn why he looks that way, and make sure you SHARE this post if you think other people will appreciate his special style!

Barry embraces his cute bird “haircut.” Look at that pose!

This isn’t just a grooming job with a touch of “oops,” though. Nature designed Barry to look like this.

You see, Barry is a Gloster canary.

Some of these birds have these “bowl cuts” (called “crests”), but not all of them do.

If this type of canary has a crest like Barry, it’s called a corona. If the bird doesn’t have one, it’s called a consort.

As a “corona” himself, Barry even gave the world some helpful advice during the COVID-19 outbreak!

If you want a cute little bowl cut canary like Barry, make sure you do your research first.

But if you prefer to just admire him from a distance, make sure you follow him on Instagram!

…But maybe think twice before following his fashion tips.


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