Turmeric has a lot of beneficial properties, and apparently, some people use it to treat fungal infections. But when Thammapa Supamas of Thailand used it to treat her own kitty, it came with some… erm… unexpected side effects.

The trouble started when Thammapa’s cat, Ka-Pwong, developed ringworm that refused to go away. Thammapa’s mother suggested trying turmeric, first applying it on the affected area, then the cat’s whole body to prevent the infection from turning up elsewhere.

They shared the photos on Facebook:

As anyone who’s ever cooked with turmeric will tell you, though, this spice stains. And you can imagine what happened when this pure white cat was covered in a turmeric scrub.

Yep, this cat got a highly unusual homeopathic makeover.

The transformation is truly something to behold.

The positive side to all this is that Ka-Pwong’s ringworm did clear up! While we always recommend consulting a vet before trying any treatment — traditional or homeopathic — we’re glad that this did the trick for Ka-Pwong.

There’s no telling when this formerly white kitty will return to her original color, but for now, her humans are taking advantage of her unique appearance to get some fun photos.

And they couldn’t help but notice that their cat now looked like everyone’s favorite Pokemon: Pikachu!


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