The internet is an amazing place for people who want to learn tips and tricks to make cooking easier and more fun. Who among us hasn’t been mystified about what to make for dinner before scrolling through Pinterest? And really, YouTube is the BEST place to find out how to make a copycat recipe of your favorite takout meals.

Of course, though, with all that good cooking advice, you’re bound to find some really awful tips as well. And one cooking video has basically broken the internet for how much it’s enraging its viewers.

Viral video creators known as Josh and Lisa have shared their “trick” for how to make spaghetti for a crowd, and needless to say, people are not happy about it. Rather than using plates or any “normal” type of serving tools, the spaghetti sauce (from a jar?!) is poured directly onto the couple’s marble countertop. The other ingredients — meatballs, pasta, and cheese (also from a jar) — are then added to the mix. Then, the couple adds salad and dressing on the side, finishing things off with some bread.

The claim is that this method involves less mess when serving a large number of people, and while it certainly involves fewer dishes, we’re not so sure about the lack of messiness.

It’s worth mentioning that Josh and Lisa are known for creating satirical and parody videos, so if you’re thinking that there’s no way anyone could actually make this “recipe” with sincerity in their hearts, you’re hopefully right. Still, their video has racked up over 25 million views and many, many comments from angry social media users decrying the mess, ingredients, and germs.

If you want to feel your blood pressure rise in real time, you can check out the clip for yourself below:


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