Most newborn babies come out of the womb and into the world screaming and crying. But baby Isabela Pareira de Jesus had nothing to say and let her doctors know her feelings with a scowl that could pierce skin.

Photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann shared the image on his social media, and it’s taken the internet by storm.

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It’s easy to see why so many people are loving the picture. What could be going through little Isabela’s mind right now? Some people have jokingly suggested she was just about to demand that the doctors put her back where she came from, while others are having a chuckle about how she’s only seen mere seconds of what the world is like and is already sick of it.

One thing’s for sure: this baby’s entrance into the world is truly unforgettable. Just as her parents will never forget the moment their daughter was born, the doctors will never forget the moment they birthed a baby that was born sick of everyone’s crap.

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