Normally, we’re not fans of pranks that give loved ones a heart attack, but we’ll make an exception for this one.

Justin Flom was doing some work in the garage when he got the idea to conduct a relatively simple, but genius prank on his poor wife. The concept was a classic: slide your finger under a bent piece of wire, pour some ketchup on it, and convince the prank victim that you had a horrifying carpentry accident. Justin even went the extra mile and put some menthol under his eyes to make himself cry!

Where this prank really went to the next level though, is when Justin actually pulled his “bloody” finger out from beneath the metal to point to where he wanted his wife to cut the wire. In her state of concentration and concern, she doesn’t even realize what’s happened until Justin repeats the motion multiple times. When she does, though… well, let’s just say Justin had better hope she doesn’t give him something to really cry about.

This couple seems like they have a lot of fun, but exercise extreme caution before trying this funny prank at home!

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I think I broke her 😂

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