In addition to everything else going on in the world right now, some California residents also had to contend with the Apple Fire, which burned over 27,000 acres of land in the state. People and animals alike have lost their homes, and one man thought he’d lost something even more important to him than his log cabin.

Greg Skeens thought his home, too, would be burned to the ground as the fire blazed around him, but the firefighters battling the inferno were able to keep the flames at bay. Then, though, Greg found himself facing another problem.

As the fire burned through the woods around his house, local wildlife came onto his property, and among them was a coyote. Greg’s cattle dog, Buck, wasn’t deterred by the fact that the coyote was three times his size, according to what Greg told a local news station. Instead, Buck chased the coyote into the woods, and Greg feared that he’d never see his dog again. Surely if the coyote didn’t get Buck, the brave little dog wouldn’t survive the fire.

Greg, however, received the blessing of a lifetime when firefighters brought Buck back home, alive and well. This lucky pup wasn’t even burned! Man and dog had a heartwarming reunion, and although Buck was naughty for running off, his dad is just happy to have him home.

You can watch the news segment below to instantly improve your day:


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