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This Man Makes Bizarre “Broken” Furniture That Somehow Looks Alive

Photo/Facebook: One Of A Kind Woodwork Creations By Henk

Do you remember watching kids’ movies and seeing inanimate objects seemingly coming to life? Maybe the chairs danced along to a musical number, or the couch cushions were secretly hiding a magical portal to another land.

That’s the sort of mental imagery that Hank Verhoeff, a retired cabinet maker, evokes when he creates his unique furniture.

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Henk, who hails from New Zealand, builds fully functional furniture that often looks broken or completely fake.

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Henk also explores his creativity through other woodworking projects, including incredibly intricate dollhouses, but his cabinets and chests of drawers have been what have really caught people’s attention recently.

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Henk creates mind-bending real-life illusions that can be explained away once you look closer at his craftsmanship.

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Dressers that look like they should defy the laws of physics actually serve their intended purpose, if but in a roundabout, creative way.

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Henk started building these special projects just for fun, but now that so many people have expressed interest in buying some of his work, he and his family are more open to the idea of selling them online.

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Some people see retirement as a way to relax, but Henk has clearly used it to expand his creativity even more and make something unforgettable!

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