Not everyone builds a sandcastle and says to him or herself, “I’d like to live in one of these for most of my life.”

But not everyone is Marcio Mizael Matolias.

The 44-year-old Brazilian gave up his apartment so he could live in a 32 square foot sandcastle on a beach in Brazil. He has to cook his food outside and use a firehouse across the street for a bathroom and shower, but that doesn’t bother Motalias. Though he said he occasionally feels lonely, he told NowThis:

I’m happy. As everyone says and as you can also read in some books, happiness is a spiritual state.

Marcio doesn’t worry about his house getting destroyed, either, as he can just build another one.

Would you consider living in a sandcastle?

This Man Lived in a Sandcastle for 22 Years

Meet the man who lived in a sandcastle for 22 years

Posted by NowThis on Sunday, April 29, 2018


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