Some babies are born with curly hair, some are born with straight hair. Some are born with a full head of soft fluff, others completely bald. But in one family, something a little more superhero-esque runs in the genes.

Mayah Aziz and her mother, Talyta, both have a genetic condition called piebaldism. Basically, this means that they both have a lot of beautiful white mixed in with their main hair color!

Here’s Mayah as a baby:

And here she is with her mom:

The mother-daughter duo embrace their unique style and often cosplay famous fictional characters together:

The internet loves this sweet family, and to be honest, we’re all probably a bit jealous of this little girl’s cool hair!

It would take a lot of money and effort to maintain a look like this with bleach and hair dye!

It’s no great surprise when children look like their parents, but with this look, the similarities are uncanny.

We hope this little girl grows up with the same confidence and radiance of her beautiful mother!


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