Many top franchises spend a lot of money for creative ad campaigns, and Burger King is certainly one of them. The fast food giant has had a number of funny (and weird) commercials over the years, but ironically, their best ad is unauthorized.

Film director Daniel Kontur found the script for an unauthorized commercial (that, believe it or not, was originally written for Kashi Foods) by Dan Sorgen on To prove his skills as a film director, Daniel decided to take the script and run with it. He merged his vision for the ad with the right talent, and the result is an unofficial commercial that many believe should be a part of Burger King’s marketing campaign.

The ad starts off with a mysterious, sinister-looking leader about to dig into a Burger King Whopper. But then, he’s reminded that he has enemies who would have him dead, so he orders one of his staff to take a bite from the burger to see if it’s poisoned. Sure enough, the poor young man begins to gag and falls to the floor. But of course, the story doesn’t end there.

Check out the ad for yourself below, and let us know what you think! Is the best Burger King ad a masterpiece that isn’t even officially tied to the company?


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