When you think about it, we have some awfully strange-looking animals on this beautiful planet of ours. From elephants with ultra-long noses to giant flightless birds, it’s clear that nature has already been pretty creative when designing Mother Earth’s inhabitants.

But what if, in an even weirder twist, some of the world’s best-known animals didn’t have necks at all?

That’s the question that the creator of the Instagram account @nonecks envisioned when they began editing photos of animals to have, well, no necks. It’s a weird concept with even weirder results, but it’s unexpectedly hilarious… especially when you see the animals who have really long necks in real life!

Here are some of our favorite no-necked animals:

1. Dog

2. Pelican

3. Duck

4. Meerkat

5. Kangaroo

6. Ostrich

7. Horses

8. Turkey

9. Cheetah

10. Reindeer

11. Hippo

12. Goat

13. Elephant

14. Cow

15. Camel

16. Tiger

17. Zebra

18. Deer

19. Giraffe

20. Human


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