If you think your last moments alive may involve being sniffed by a wild black bear, surely it couldn’t do much harm to take a photo for posterity?

That was what one bold hiker in Mexico did when she and two of her friends were approached by a black bear while hiking. The bear seemed more curious than threatening, but the three women weren’t taking any chances, and rightfully so. They did their best to stay perfectly still while the bear took particular interest in one of them, getting up on his hind legs to sniff her hair, then batting at her leg when she nervously jumped away from it.

The encounter was caught on video… and photographed. Yes, the woman who the bear was sniffing got a selfie of the once-in-a-lifetime encounter, and while it may have seemed crazy at the time, let’s be honest — a lot of us would’ve risked our lives to do the same.

Here’s the moment from another angle. The bear almost seems to be posing, right?

While it’s still unclear as to who exactly the woman was, the selfie has surfaced and was shared by Lazaro Rios, the person who posted the videos on Twitter.


Lucky for these hikers, this bear was small and curious rather than hungry or territorial. This story could’ve gone a whole ‘nother direction if they’d encountered a different bear, but we’re glad it instead turned out to be a cool memory!


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