We’ve all been bombarded with a blizzard of information since COVID-19 began spreading throughout the world, and as cities and business have started to open back up again and experts recommend masks to keep you safe while out and about, many people have wondered if their masks are really efficient at all.

As it turns out, there’s a relatively simple way of figuring out if your mask is effective — that is, if it blocks the particles that come out of your body when you exhale, sneeze, or cough. Would you be better off with a homemade mask or a surgical mask? And is there really that big of a difference between wearing a mask and not wearing a mask?

TikTok user @vihannce08 filmed a clip that answers just that question, and it’s since gone viral. Take a look at his easy experiment below, and make sure you share it with your friends so they can see the difference a mask can make!


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