Proposing to the love of your life should be an unforgettable experience, and well, one couple got exactly that when the groom-to-be accidentally dropped the ring to a raging river… or at least, that’s what the future bride thought happened.

Zaden Gillette took his then-girlfriend, Courtney, to Mesa Falls in Idaho to ask her to be his wife. The scenery was beautiful, the ring was in his possession — it was all perfect. But then, the unthinkable happened. In his nervous state, Zaden dropped the ring box, which then tumbled right into the water and flowed downstream faster than anyone could react.

As it turned out, though, it was all part of Zaden’s plan. Take a look at the crazy moment below:

Yes, thankfully it was all just a prank. Zaden had the actual ring with him the whole time. He told Buzzfeed that he’d gotten the idea from a customer where he works. The box was biodegradable, so no worries about unnecessary pollution! And for the skeptics out there, yes, Courtney’s reaction was genuine — she was ready to figure out a way to get down the cliff to save the “ring,” but thankfully, she stayed on dry land and got to have her real proposal as well.

While a prank like this might not be everyone’s idea of a dream proposal, it seems like this couple knows how to make and take a joke!


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