Some dogs are perfectly happy to eat the same dry kibble every day, and others… well, they need a little more convincing. And who could blame them, really? We humans get bored if we have to eat the same thing for dinner more than a couple nights in a row, so of course our dogs would get a bit jealous if they smelled our fried chicken or grilled steak while they have to settle for the same dog food. Sure, pet food is best for them, but they don’t know that!

As it turns out, sometimes it’s not the taste of the human food, but the idea of the human food that’s most enticing to dogs. It’s certainly the case for a little shih-tzu named Nitro, but his human, Zach Shepard, has found a smart solution.

Zach found a suggestion on Reddit that prompted him to pretend like he was putting some tasty human food into Nitro’s dog food. Whenever Nitro stares at his dog food with disappointment, Zach picks up the bowl, opens the fridge (because, as we know, that’s where all the good stuff is hidden), fiddles around a little (The sound of plastic bags is always encouraging!), and “mixes” the invisible people food into Nitro’s bowl. Surely Nitro wouldn’t believe such a trick, right?

Well, check out the video Zach shared and see for yourself:


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