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This Guy Protests Frustrating Everyday Problems With Cardboard Signs


There are a lot of troubling things happening in our world today, so it’s no surprise that so many people have passionately taken to the streets to back up their beliefs with powerful messages written on signs.

Of course, just because there are big problems doesn’t mean that life’s “little” annoyances just go away, and one man is standing up to the mostly inconsequential injustices of every day life with cardboard signs that say what we’re all thinking.

@dudewithsign, also known as Seth, has amassed over seven million followers on Instagram for his simple signs that hit home for so many people. While Seth has used his now-famous cardboard signs to attend actual protests for important causes, most of his signs gain a lot of attention for simply saying what we’re all feeling.

Check out some of the best signs that Seth (or rather, “Dude”) has created:

1. “Yes Netflix, I am still watching.”

2. “Stop ‘replying all’ to company-wide emails”

3. “Saying ‘I could care less’ doesn’t make any sense.”

4. “Put more chips in the bag”

5. “Charging $15 for a bowl of lettuce should be illegal.”

6. “Why does it feel like Mercury is always in retrograde?”

7. “Names are not that hard to spell.”

8. “There should be snow days for work.”

9. “Stop using group pics for your dating profile.”

10. “Yes, Grandma, I’m still single.”

11. “Stop posting entire concerts on your story.”

12. “Stop standing up when the plane lands.”

13. “Stop sending confirmation emails when I unsubscribe.”

14. “Middle seat gets the armrest.”

15. “Stop saying ‘no offense’ before saying something offensive.”


16. “Your meal doesn’t need a photoshoot.”

17. “Stop making Fast & Furious movies.”

18. “Not every call needs to be a video call.”

19. “Don’t send LMAO if you aren’t laughing.”

20. “Stop honking as soon as the light turns green.”



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