The day you get engaged to be married is unforgettable for anyone who’s managed to find the person they want to spend the rest of their live with. One couple’s proposal will certainly be an event to remember… and not just for them!

A man named Chris had planned a surprise proposal for his girlfriend on a bridge in NYC under the guise of a photoshoot — a perfect excuse to be surrounded by cameras and wear nice clothes! When his girlfriend turned around, there was Chris, down on one knee and asking her to be his wife. You can watch the video of the beautiful moment below:

The couple sure looks happy… but wait a second! Isn’t it a little strange that the photographer in the background suddenly disappears mid-shot right as the last minute of the video begins?

As it turns out the final edited version of the video leaves out a pretty significant moment that happened mid-proposal. As photographer and model Joshua Rosario was trying to get some more great shots of the couple, he ended up running right into the path of an oncoming bike. It… uh… ended about as you’d expect.

Thankfully, neither Joshua nor the cyclist was seriously injured, and Chris continued to profess his love for his now-fiancée after the interruption. They were thankfully able to edit that awkward moment out of the final clip!

As for the couple, they’re now happily engaged and have a hilarious story to tell about Chris’ proposal.

Congratulations to the happy couple!


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