Painting usually requires putting something on a surface, but one man from Trussville, Alabama has found another way to create beautiful artwork.

Ron Burkett is a photographer who has taken some seriously cool photos with a drone.

Ron has other talents too, though, and one of them is “painting” with a pressure washer!

In the description for a YouTube video showing his process for creating an unbelievable mural in his own driveway, Ron explained, “During the “stay at home” order of the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, I decided to catch up on some projects around the house, including pressure washing the driveway.”

The result is a masterpiece that depicts a serene nature scene.

Just look at how the trunks blend in with the plant in his yard to make it look like the “tree” has real leaves!

Ron filmed his process and shared the video on YouTube. We don’t know how he got this good at making art with his pressure washer (probably lots of practice!), but we’re completely mesmerized by his work.

Check out the video below:


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