Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are fluffy, some are wrinkly, some are curly, some are silky, some are gigantic, and some fit into purses. But one adorable silly-looking dog is making people do a double-take for the cutest reason.

Photos of the unique pet were posted on the r/aww subreddit, and other Redditors had an instant rush of emotions. It was so cute. So ridiculous-looking! Look at that goofy face! All that fluff! But most importantly, what was it?

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The photos, originally shared by Gấu Mèo Bắc Mỹ on Facebook, are clearly of a unique-looking puppy. But it’s a puppy that also looks like a cat. Maybe with a little bit of fox thrown in. Perhaps even a bit of bear.

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The puppy left people on Reddit guessing as to what breed exactly it might be. The most popular guess is that it’s of the H’mong breed, which comes from Vietnam.

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Understandably, the cute little floofball has found lots of love on Vietnamese Facebook pages. His popularity is now worldwide as more and more people see his photos.

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What animals do you see in this cute little puppy?!

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