Golden retrievers are known for being great family pets. They’re generally great with children and even other pets, but befriending a guinea pig is a big step for even one of these friendly four-legged pups.

Pippin is seven years old and, according to her humans, gets along with everyone. She’s even helped a delivery person go from being afraid of dogs to loving them! And her love also extends to her tiny guinea pig friend, Frankenstein.

Pippin and Frankenstein are an unlikely pair, but they get along as the best of friends.

They eat together…

Cuddle together…

Party together…

… and explore together.

The two seem to spend a lot of time together, and they look right at home with each other!

Pippin gets anxiety during storms, and “Frank” helps to calm her down.

These two are lucky to have each other, and if it weren’t for the size difference, no one would bat an eye at their unique relationship.

Hopefully this fluffy duo will have many more adventures for years to come!

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This is what sleepy looks like. 😴

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