Some dogs are big, some dogs are small. Some are furry, and some need sweaters in the winter. Some dogs love to cuddle, and others need their space. But if there’s one canine quality that’s nearly universal, it’s that dogs love balls.

Roxy is one golden retriever who has taken her love for chasing balls to a whole new level. You see, while most dogs would be satisfied with tennis balls, Roxy dreams a bit bigger… and heavier.

In a hilarious and adorable TikTok video posted by Roxy’s owner, Denise Probasco, Roxy is seen getting very excited over… a mailbox? But why? Did a squirrel take refuge in there? Can she smell a special delivery of treats that she thinks are just for her?

It’s only when we see what’s on top of the mailbox that we realize what Roxy’s excitement is truly about.


Poor baby was so confused

♬ original sound – Denise Probasco

Yes, this silly girl thought the stone sphere on top of the mailbox was a ball that was just stuck up there, ready to be taken down and played with. We can definitely see where the confusion happened, but trust us, Roxy — that’s one ball you do not want to catch mid-air!


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