Every little girl’s dream is to have a pony that doubles as their best friend, and one young woman seems to have found just that. The German equestrian (who goes by her ponies’ names, @vandiego.rico, on Instagram) has a happy animal family, with a couple dogs and two adorable ponies, Rico and Van Diego. And when she puts on her rollerblades, she seemingly turns into a Disney princess.

You see, this young woman isn’t just active on horseback — she’s also fast in rollerblades, and the open area she lives in is the perfect place to go rolling up and down the street. And when she goes out, she always has some company with her.

Van Diego loves running alongside his favorite human, and her rollerblades provide her the extra speed she needs to cruise alone while he canters beside or behind her.

As you can see, the pony isn’t the only one accompanying her on her route. Her dogs often tag along too!

Basically, her life looks like a dream come true, and now we all want to take up rollerblading and find the secret to making a majestic pony follow us down the road.


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