If you think about the ocean for too long, you may start to get anxiety. There’s so much of these vast waters that we haven’t yet discovered, and when you think about its depth and the sheer number of creatures that swim beneath the surface… well, it’s a bit terrifying.

One cute golden retriever named Chester has thought of yet another reason not to trust the deep blue sea — it chases you! Yes, poor Chester has discovered the magic of the tides, and needless to say, he’s not happy about it.

Chester’s human told The Dodo that her pup has always been “curious but nervous” around water, whether it’s found in pools and bathtubs or more natural sources like creeks and lakes. The same was true for the ocean, and at first, Chester thought he might enjoy spending time in the sea… until he realized that the water was a bit too eager to come to him.

On a recent trip to the beach, Chester’s mom shared a funny and cute video of this goofy dog being very unsure about the tides. We totally understand the unease, Chester!

Chester’s journey with water has been a long and involved process that’s included swimming lessons.

Little by little, though, this dedicated dog got used to the water and even learned to enjoy swimming!

Eventually, even the ocean proved to be inviting for Chester, and he went in all by himself, tail wagging and all!

We’re proud of this brave pooch for conquering his fears!


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