As a child or an adult, there’s a sense of wonder and magic that takes over when you step into a Disney theme park. Being surrounded by Disney characters and decorations creates a sense of fairytale-like fascination, and the troubles of the outside world seem to disappear, if only temporarily.

The Hermansons have managed to capture that same feeling within their own home, decorating each room with a colorful Disney theme. Everywhere you look, even if it’s subtle, you can see Disneyfied home decor. Even more impressive, married couple Kelsey and Eric create most of their decorations themselves, though she also buys some items from the Disney store and Etsy.

Check out some of these magical photos and videos of the family’s home:


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Some of the decorations in their home are obvious:

Others, however, are a little more subtle:

Seemingly every inch of the home is Disney-themed.

Still, this fairytale pair has classy taste. Though Disney movies are obviously child-like, they’ve managed to include refinement in their whimsical decor.

Holidays are, of course, a particularly fun time of the year in this special house.

Check out this faucet that looks like the magic lamp from Aladdin!

Every room in the house seems to contain at least a little bit of magic.

We sure wish they offered tours (would that be weird?), but instead, we’ll just keep fawning over all their photos on Instagram!


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