You’ve heard of being homeschooled, but what if the situation were flipped, and the school was your home?

This is reality for one family that renovated an old elementary school and now lives in it.

The unique living situation went viral online when one of the school-house’s residents, 15-year-old Riley Hansen, shared a brief tour on Instagram. The vibe inside is an odd, but surprisingly fun mixture of schooltime nostalgia and homey coziness.


Yes it is an odd place to live I know but it’s pretty cool.

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Unsurprisingly, not everyone believed that Riley actually lived in the school. So to convince the nonbelievers, he began showing his followers the inside space, such as the bedrooms and bathrooms that are clearly designed for people who are, you know, living there.


Reply to @funkie5150v2 No shade to you, but I do actually live in the school.

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Riley explained that his parents have been renovating the school for the past four years. He acknowledges that it looks a bit strange on the outside and while wandering the halls, but the spaces inside that have been worked on actually look really nice.


Reply to @seanedwards301 The school is an on going project, it seems like we are allways remodeling it.

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Reply to @wadekessler We do actually live in and own the school

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He shows the major differences between the mostly untouched rooms of the house and the rooms that have had some serious work done. All we can say is “wow!”

It’s unclear how many people are living in the house, but at the moment, multiple people have to sleep in the same rooms. Riley says that there aren’t many more rooms that can be converted to bedrooms, despite how large the space is.


Reply to @alexjarbeau This is an on going project that is allways changing, and it takes alot of time and money to make these projects happen.

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Of course, the family has made use of a few of the school’s amenities, like the playground and basketball court. They even brought an outdoor pool inside.


I hope this answers some of your questions, and if you have any more questions feel free to ask

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One of Riley’s top videos of his house has over 41 million views.

Look, living in an old school certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you have the money to do whatever you want with it, it can definitely be a cool renovation project! It’s certainly working out for this family.


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