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This Family Lost Their Cat, & What Happened Next Was A Crazy Emotional Roller Coaster


Many people unfortunately understand the grief and anxiety that happens when your pet gets lost or runs away. While many lost pets do find their way home, many others don’t and end up in shelters or at the mercy of cars or nature.

This was the sad situation for the Schmidt family, according to screenshots of a group text message thread that comedy writer Eric Schmidt shared on Twitter. The texts paint a tragic picture: Eric and his sister Katie are told that their parents’ cat had been missing since the previous night, only to be found dead in the road. Understandably, their mom was grieving the loss of her beloved pet, and their dad reached out to them so they could approach the situation with compassion and sensitivity.

As it turns out, though, this wasn’t where the story ended for the Schmidt kitty. Katie and Eric’s parents received the shock of a lifetime soon after they laid “their cat” to rest.

Was it a prank? A hallucination? A ghost? Nope, the alleged missing/dead cat was alive and well and back in the arms of his loving (and confused) humans.

Of course, this left a whole other mystery to solve: who was the cat that the Schmidt parents buried? Eric and Katie’s mom tried to find out the answer so that another family could get closure if they were searching for their missing cat, and, well, this crazy story has a fittingly crazy conclusion.

Yep, turns out the “dead cat” was actually a dead rabbit this whole time. RIP to the poor little bunny, but at least no cats were harmed in this bizarre series of events. And, as a bittersweet silver lining, the bunny did get a proper backyard burial.

Katie chimed in to add, for the record, that her parents “were never great with details,” showing text message evidence that her dad also seemed to get Memorial Day and Labor Day mixed up.

We’re glad this story has a happy ending, at least for the Schmidt family, if not for the bunny.



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