A duck has gone viral online for being unusually tall, and he’s been lovingly named “Long Boi” as a result.

Long Boi, who lives on the University of York campus in the UK, captured the hearts of thousands of people on the internet after a photo of him was posted on Twitter.

Though the tweet said that Long Boi is a mallard, his Instagram account (yes, he has one) says that he’s a mix between a mallard and an Indian runner duck, the latter of which is known for being, well, long. When he’s photographed with other ducks, his height is definitely more obvious.

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If you love Long Boi, you’re not alone. He’s a regular celebrity both on the internet and on campus, and he’s even been given an honorary degree “to thank him for his services to the university.”

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Long Boi was also ranked the “most popular waterfowl” by Bantshire University.

This is clearly one very well-loved duck! We hope Long Boi continues to bring joy to this campus and the world wide web for a very long time.

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