Earlier this month, Julia Neufeldt and her family were coping with a living nightmare. Their golden retriever, Louie, had run away from a friend at a dog park in Saskatchewan, Canada, and a snowstorm soon moved in and made efforts to find the lost dog even harder.

Distraught, Julia put out a notice for people in the area to keep an eye out for Louie. After days with no sign of him, she and her family began to fear the worst. They began to come to accept that they may never see their beloved dog again.

A few days after Louie’s disappearance, a German wirehaired pointer named Banjo and his human were having a very different experience in the snow.


The two were going cross-country skiing in the area and had no idea that a search was on for a missing dog. Still, when Banjo’s nose picked up on a scent, his dad followed him into the brush to investigate what it might be. Imagine their surprise when a golden retriever popped his head out of the snow and foliage.

Louie was more comfortable with Banjo than the strange human that accompanied him, so Banjo’s owner called animal control, who got a hold of Julia. Louie was then reunited with his family, and they got the happy ending they had begun to lose hope for.

Image Source: Julia Neufeldt via Facebook

In an emotional post, Julia expressed gratitude toward everyone who had come together to bring Louie home.

I don’t know where to begin with thanking people for the love, prayers, encouragement, and help the last few days. People who I’ve never met took time out of their lives to look, and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. The dog loving community is a strong one and I’m forever thankful so many rallied behind us to bring our boy home. Thank you so much. I feel like thank you isn’t enough. Please know, if your pet or loved one goes missing, I’ll be out there helping. People are amazing. This could have been a horrible outcome and we were coming to terms with it. We were ready to give up on the area but I’m so thankful we did not. This whole experience has enforced my belief in the power of prayer, good vibes, and the power of love. We are so thankful our family is back together. Louie’s pretty exhausted from his adventure, lost a few pounds, but nothing a few days of TLC won’t fix. He is also grounded until further notice. What a dog.”

Image Source: Julia Neufeldt via Facebook

Later on, it was discovered that Louie had sustained a few significant injuries on his adventure and will potentially require surgery on both his left and right ACL. A friend has started a GoFundMe to help the family pay for their lucky pup’s vet bills, and you can contribute to it here.


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