Many animals escape from abuse or neglect and are never the same afterward. You can hardly blame them — after being mistreated for so long, it’s no wonder that some animals may lose their trust in humans forever.

Thankfully, this wasn’t the case for one lucky dog who was rescued by Matheus Laiola, who works in animal protection. Recently, Matheus was alerted to the case of one dog who was suffering from neglect, chained up in a yard and vulnerable to the elements.

In circumstances like this, animal rescuers never know what they’re walking into. Dogs who’ve had bad experiences with people may be terrified and even aggressive, and the rescuers had to be careful when they broke the chain to enter the yard where the dog was being kept. But to their delight, this sweet dog only wanted to attack Matheus with kisses!

Matheus shared a video of the dog’s rescue and explained what happened:

“She lived in chains, in the cold, heat, rain and sun. We arrived at the place and as there was no one, we broke the lock and rescued the dog… We immediately took her to the Casa Do Produtor for a veterinary consultation.

The dog’s owner was identified and will be investigated for her treatment of the dog, and thankfully, this sweet pup has already been adopted! We always love a happy ending.


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