Rescue organizations are sadly accustomed to finding animals in horrendous conditions, but the predicament of a dog named Aloe left even experienced volunteers in shock.

Aloe, as she was named by rescuers, was found after either falling into or being thrown into a pit of tar. The organization that saved her, Proyecto 4 Patas, said in a Facebook post that the poor dog was found by a group of children after hearing a group of dogs barking. The kids’ parents called the “Volunteer Firefighters for Liberty,” who managed to get the pup out of the tar and put out a request for help on social media. It was then that P4P leapt into action to save the dog, finding her stuck to the ground and completely covered in tar, from her eyes to her mouth and even inside her ears and nose.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending — the volunteers for P4P worked tirelessly for nine hours to remove the tar, and now, Aloe is on the road to recovery. Check out the photos below from Proyecto 4 Patas to see the unbelievable condition she was found in and her even more unbelievable transformation:

Aloe was drenched in tar and unable to move a muscle.

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The organization had never encountered a situation like this, and they had to improvise to make sure that the dog survived her horrendous ordeal.

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Eight volunteers began a night shift that would last nine hours straight, using oil to begin removing the tar from the dog.

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The process was long and involved — nine liters of oil and three baths with detergent would eventually be used to get rid of all the tar.

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Once the worst of the tar was removed, Aloe was taken from the street and moved indoors.

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Slowly but surely, the tar began to come off of Aloe.

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The tar wasn’t just gross — it presented a serious health risk for the dog, and even the smallest amount on her fur or skin could cause problems.

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Poor Aloe was exhausted, but her nightmare was almost over.

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You could practically see the gratitude in her eyes as her appearance returned to normal.

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Soon, she regained her will and ability to eat.

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Finally, after a long and scary night, Aloe was back to looking like her true self.

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Now, Aloe gets to live out the rest of her life as a happy, healthy dog.

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Just yesterday, P4P took Aloe to visit the Volunteer Firefighters for Liberty to thank them for saving her life! Look how far she’s come!

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Aloe was close to dying a horrible death, but thanks to the quick thinking and actions of multiple groups of good-hearted people, this lucky girl is back on track to the life she deserves!

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